BREEZE OF LIGHT – Tessa Verder

Tessa Verder’s mysterious photographic work is the result of mixing her photographed landscapes or portraits with cutouts of paintings by classical masters such as the Dutch painter Jacob van Ruisdael. Her work is related to the atmosphere aroused by the work of the German Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich. His sublime landscapes of mainly intimate, symbolic portraits of nature, focus on feelings and sentiments. In her work Tessa Verder is getting to the core of her artistry as described by Friedrich: “The artist should not just paint what he sees before him but also what he sees inside himself”.

Breeze of Light shows an overview of her photo works from the past fifteen years and contains texts by Jurriaan Benschop and Tamara Sterman.

Take a look inside the book:


Special edition On the occasion of the book, a special edition was published, Blue Zone 2, in a limited edition of 50 copies. The work is composed of a photograph taken on one of her tracks on a beautiful misty early evening in the mountains of South Africa, and from fragments of three different paintings, including a 19th-century flower still life. The title Blue Zone refers to the so-called ‘blue zones’: five areas in the world where residents live healthier, happier and longer than average elsewhere.

View the edition here: editie Blue zone 2 Tessa Verder

Blue Zone 2 is available in our webshop for the special price of € 450, -. The size of the print is 30 x 45 cm (excluding white border, without frame) and the edition is 50 copies. If you order the print, you will receive an invitation for the official book presentation. The book is there for you or is sent by post on request.

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Published: april 2018
Authors: Jurriaan Benschop, Tamara Sterman
Design: Mart. Warmerdam
Size: 24.5 x 30 cm
Edition: 75 fc illustrations., 144 p., hard cover
Price: € 35,00.


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