To be published: April 2019
Texts: Alexander Reeuwijk, Suzanna de Sitter, Roos Holleman
Design: Mart. Warmerdam
Size: 28 x 22 cm
Edition: 160 fc illustrations., 208 p., hard cover
Price: € 40,00.


The special talent of Roos Holleman (1989) was discovered immediately after her graduation in 2012 at the St. Joost Academy in Breda (NL). In a short period of time she worked on an impressive oeuvre that is to be found in various museums and numerous private collections all over the world. Nowadays she lives and works in Copenhagen (DE).

Only by using graphite and pastel chalk, Holleman draws all sorts of curiosities from nature, especially bird skins. She herself describes her work as a ‘visual autopsy’: “It is precisely the fact that it strikes me to look attentively and thus leads to the discovery of beauty.” In her drawings, usually in a very large format, she always tries to emulate the overwhelming beauty of nature. Visual artist Marc Mulders said of Holleman: “… with a very refined handwriting, knowledge of the anatomy and understanding of skin and matter expression, her works are impressive and ‘touchable’. ”

In April 2019, 99 Publishers will publish her book The Centre of Attention, with text contributions by Alexander Reeuwijk and Suzanna de Sitter. The design is provided by Mart. Warmerdam.
The book provides a representative overview of her work up till now: birds, hummingbirds, birds of paradise, moths and all kinds of curiosities. The book is bilingual (Dutch-English), has special graphic details, a size of 208 pages with no less than 160 full-color images in large format.

Special Edition: An Inordinate Fondness

On the occasion of the book publication, a special edition entitled An Inordinate Fondness, will be published, with three various prints of moths, drawn by Roos Holleman.
A post on facebook by biologist Frans de Waal put her on the trail of the moth. Roos, best known for her bird drawings, immersed herself in the world of these wondrous insects. Everyone admires butterflies, but with her drawings she shows us the exceptional beauty and variety of the moths.

The Special Edition consists of a series of three piezographs, printed with an Epson K3 on 310 grs Hahnemühle German Etching Paper. Piezography is a printing technique that uses color pigments of a very high quality, the colorfastness of which is guaranteed for more than a hundred years. The prints are signed and numbered, each in an edition of 33. You can choose from three different moths: the Sheep Moth, the Rose-myrtle Lappet Moth and the Lily Moth. The edition consists of a print and a book (value € 40,-).

The special registration price is € 325 per print (+ book). This offer expires on September 29, 2019. After September 29, the regular price of € 375 applies.

You can view the edition online here:

Special Edition_An Inordinate Fondness_Roos Holleman_99 Publishers

Ordering is possible in two ways:

> via the webshop

> via the mail; send us an e-mail and mention your choice

Please state your full address details plus telephone number. You will then receive an invoice. After payment, the Special Edition will be shipped by registered mail. We charge extra shipping costs.

Orders are handled in order of arrival.

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- post: february 15, 2019

This year we will again participate in the KunstRAI Art Amsterdam, which lasts from Thursday 18 to Monday 22 April – a day longer than usual (2nd Easter day)! You can find us at booth 24. We show work by four artists.

Roos Holleman will be represented with a special edition entitled An Inordinate Fondness, on the occasion of her book The Center of Attention, to be published in April. We’ll show a monumental painting plus a multiple of Jan Maarten Voskuil, in response to the publication in March of his monograph Round Trip. Robert Zandstra will be represented with a series of drawings in response to the leporello Stage of Being, which was published in September 2018. Finally we’ll show new paintings by Seet van Hout.