Published: December 2017
Author: Ruud Lapré
Portrait photos: Hans de Bruijn
Design: Mart. Warmerdam
Edition: 28.5 x 22.5 cm, 150 fc illustrations,
192 p., hard cover
ISBN: 978-90-78670-56-8
Price: € 25,00


Collector and art publicist Ruud Lapré discovered that there are several people in his network who own a respectable collection of works by Eugène Brands (1913-2002) which inspired him to publish a book about these collections. Besides giving prominence to the work of Eugène Brands in these mostly hidden collections of private collectors, the book also wants to shed light on the relationship that each of them has (had) with the artist and / or his work. In a more general sense, the book provides an interesting insight into what moves collectors of art: not only what they collect, but especially how and why. Lapré interviewed ten private collectors of Brands’ works for the book. Hans de Bruijn – known from the two Atelier books – made a beautiful photo portrait of each collector.

Collector’s Edition
To make the book financially possible, a special edition of four different prints – after oil paintings on paper – by Eugène Brands was published. The edition was made available by the artist’s daughter, Eugénie Brands, and the Eugène Brands Foundation. Each print appears in an edition of 25, is numbered and provided with the authorized stamp of the foundation. This unique Collector’s Edition is for sale for only € 295, – per print (including VAT).

Fish above flowers, Bird Feeding and Landscape are giclee prints, printed in 4-colors on 310 grs Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, size: 36 x 39.5 cm. Woman with palette is a silkscreen, printed in 10-colors on 275 grs Rives BFK Paper. Size: 35 x 40 cm. The book Eugène Brands 10 x collected is also part of the edition.

View the prints here: eugene_brands_prints

Order the Collector’s Edition Fish above flowers here

Order the Collector’s Edition Woman with palette here


ROUND TRIP – Jan Maarten Voskuil

STAGE OF BEING – Robert Zandvliet

Sammlung Weltensand. The Journey – Elvira Wersche

Pantheon. Uwe Poth

Sammlung Weltensand. Elvira Wersche

Born in Georgia



- post: february 15, 2019

This year we will again participate in the KunstRAI Art Amsterdam, which lasts from Thursday 18 to Monday 22 April – a day longer than usual (2nd Easter day)! You can find us at booth 24. We show work by four artists.

Roos Holleman will be represented with a special edition entitled An Inordinate Fondness, on the occasion of her book The Center of Attention, to be published in April. We’ll show a monumental painting plus a multiple of Jan Maarten Voskuil, in response to the publication in March of his monograph Round Trip. Robert Zandstra will be represented with a series of drawings in response to the leporello Stage of Being, which was published in September 2018. Finally we’ll show new paintings by Seet van Hout.