Published: May 27, 2015
Authors: Ulrike Al-Khamis, Wiekert Visser, Kader Abdolah, Hacali Necefoglu, Christine Gruwez, Abdelkader Benali
Design: Mart. Warmerdam
Printing: Wilco Art Books
Size: 31 x 24 cm
Edition: English/Dutch, 250 fc ills., 192 p., hard cover
Price: € 32,50

Sammlung Weltensand. The Journey – Elvira Wersche

Sammlung Weltensand can be called a truly cosmopolitan pro­ject. Elvira Wersche collects different types and colours of sand from all over the world and uses it to construct complex mosaics, composed of geometrical patterns, on the floors of museums, churches and synagogues.

From what initially appears to be a jumble of lines and figures, an ingenious and fascinating spectacle made up of triangles, irregular quadrangles, rhombuses and other polygonal shapes unfolds before the viewer’s eyes. The pattern seems to be in constant motion, changing according your angle of vision and the point on which you focus. What is more, the making of this work has a special dynamic of its own: the work-in-progress format means that visitors are involved as the artwork takes shape.

When the artwork is finally finished, Wersche obliterates it again: in a performance she literally erases the carefully constructed pattern. By doing so, she emphasizes that everything is in constant flux. And that everything is only temporary.


Sammlung Weltensand + The Journey: 2 books in 1 binding
On May 27, 2015, 99 Publishers published Sammlung Weltensand. The Journey. The first volume of the book, Sammlung Weltensand, presents a lavishly illustrated survey of the sixteen installations  Elvira Wersche realised over the years. It also contains interesting articles of art historians, philosophers and authors on the profound meaning of her art works. By literally turning the book upside down, one enters the second volume, The Journey, a poetic visual essay on Wersche’s inspiring travels throughout the world.

Collector’s Edition!
To celebrate the publication of the book there is a special limited edition of 99 signed copies of the book. Each edition contains a small bottle filled with mixed sand, gathered from about 1.000 countries/places in the world. Price: € 40,00. Order here the special edition.


ROUND TRIP – Jan Maarten Voskuil

STAGE OF BEING – Robert Zandvliet


Pantheon. Uwe Poth

Sammlung Weltensand. Elvira Wersche

Born in Georgia



- post: february 15, 2019

This year we will again participate in the KunstRAI Art Amsterdam, which lasts from Thursday 18 to Monday 22 April – a day longer than usual (2nd Easter day)! You can find us at booth 24. We show work by four artists.

Roos Holleman will be represented with a special edition entitled An Inordinate Fondness, on the occasion of her book The Center of Attention, to be published in April. We’ll show a monumental painting plus a multiple of Jan Maarten Voskuil, in response to the publication in March of his monograph Round Trip. Robert Zandstra will be represented with a series of drawings in response to the leporello Stage of Being, which was published in September 2018. Finally we’ll show new paintings by Seet van Hout.