Published: September 2018
Text: Hanneke de Man
Design: Mart. Warmerdam
Size: 31 x 23 cm
Edition: 21 fc ills., 32 p., hard cover (leporello)
Price: € 35,00.

STAGE OF BEING – Robert Zandvliet

“For me, painting is about three things: 1 paint, 2 images, 3 spirit. Spirit is the heart of the matter, the added value that withdraws from direct perception. The spirit is always right with a good painting, but it is very difficult for a painter to steer it. ” Since his early years at the art academy, Robert Zandvliet (1970) has been trying to fathom and reinvent painting. He always uses a motif – an object, a landscape – as a starting point, but because of the abstraction, that motif is often barely recognizable in the image. The skin of the canvas, the movement of the brush and the use or absence of the color make up the image. Over the years, he has developed an enormous knowledge of materials and a fabulous painting skill. The way of painting, the composition, the color and all those other facets must be right in the painting. The ultimate expressiveness of a painting, however, lies elsewhere and, according to him, is much more elusive. Circling around that question, Zandvliet is always looking for new solutions.

One of his last quests has led to Stage of Being, a series of monumental paintings and a series of smaller works in which, for the first time, the motif of the human figure is leading. Zandvliet was inspired by the German romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich, who introduced the “Rückenfigur” in his landscapes – a lonely “Wanderer”, seen on the back. Using highly divergent and sometimes even opposing painterly techniques, Robert Zandvliet has painted seven monumental works in which the figure repeatedly manifests itself differently: from very concrete to completely dissolving in a magical imaginary space.

Stage of Being was published on September 7, 2018, on the occasion of the exhibition Robert Zandvliet. Stage of Being at the Bernhard Knaus Fine Art Gallery in Frankfurt am Main, on show from September 7 till November 24, 2018. Besides reproductions of the paintings and sketches from the Stage of Being-series, the leporello contains the text ‘The metamorphosis of Paint into an Image’ by Hanneke de Man.

The Wanderer
Especially on the occasion of the publication of the leporello, Robert Zandvliet made a very limited series of small drawings (size 21 x 30 cm), technique black gesso on handmade paper, entitled The Wanderer. The drawings are offered by 99 Publishers for a reduced price of € 2,100 per drawing (normally € 2,750). This price includes framing and a signed copy of the leporello.

You can view all available drawings here:

Robert Zandvliet_The Wanderer_99 Uitgevers

Send us an email if you are interested. Orders are processed in order of receipt.



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- post: february 15, 2019

This year we will again participate in the KunstRAI Art Amsterdam, which lasts from Thursday 18 to Monday 22 April – a day longer than usual (2nd Easter day)! You can find us at booth 24. We show work by four artists.

Roos Holleman will be represented with a special edition entitled An Inordinate Fondness, on the occasion of her book The Center of Attention, to be published in April. We’ll show a monumental painting plus a multiple of Jan Maarten Voskuil, in response to the publication in March of his monograph Round Trip. Robert Zandstra will be represented with a series of drawings in response to the leporello Stage of Being, which was published in September 2018. Finally we’ll show new paintings by Seet van Hout.