Publishing date: 9 May 2014
Text: Pim Milo, Henk Schiffmacher
Size: 33 x 22 cm
Edition: 115 fc ills., 176 p., hard cover
Price until 9 May 2014: € 25,00
After 9 May 2014: € 30,00

TAT TOO. Krijn van Noordwijk

Mankind can be roughly divided into two groups: those who have tattoos and those who don’t. The latter group considers getting a tattoo an act of stupidity – done on impulse, during inebriation, out of lust, rebelliousness or simply intended to dare or impress others. The first group (which is on the rise) consist of those who’ve had one – or several – placed. Often with pride and often with a reason.

Photographer Krijn van Noordwijk (1958) has been fascinated by the latter group for years. TAT TOO is a photographic homage to tattooed man. In an idiosyncratic, daring and sometimes hilarious way – but always respectful. As an extra, most of the portrayed people tell their own personal stories behind their tattoos.

Between 20 September and 7 December 2014 Krijn van Noordwijk shows a selection of his tattoo photographs at the Limburgs Museum in Venlo.

Special edition: book + photo print

To celebrate the publication of the book TAT TOO there will be a special limited edition of 15 photo prints, of 20 copies each. Click here for more information on prints and ordering.

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- post: february 15, 2019

This year we will again participate in the KunstRAI Art Amsterdam, which lasts from Thursday 18 to Monday 22 April – a day longer than usual (2nd Easter day)! You can find us at booth 24. We show work by four artists.

Roos Holleman will be represented with a special edition entitled An Inordinate Fondness, on the occasion of her book The Center of Attention, to be published in April. We’ll show a monumental painting plus a multiple of Jan Maarten Voskuil, in response to the publication in March of his monograph Round Trip. Robert Zandstra will be represented with a series of drawings in response to the leporello Stage of Being, which was published in September 2018. Finally we’ll show new paintings by Seet van Hout.